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Energy Efficient Home Design and Remodeling in Southern Maine and New Hampshire
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My Mission


My Mission is to Design, Remodel, and Build Homes that are affordable, beautiful, comfortable, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. I design homes that are economical, durable, and easy to maintain, and that will be so for generations to come.



Company History


Mine has been a family run business for 44 years, with a particular focus on Energy Efficiency for the last 32 years. As the principal, I have owned and operated it since its inception.


I am an EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm and Certified Renovator. If you own a home that was built before 1978, lead paint can be a concern, especially for the little ones, or mothers expecting a child. As a Certified Renovator and Firm, I have received training so that I can safely work in homes built before 1978 that are likely to have lead paint in them. You will not need to worry about lead dust from my work contaminating your home, as I will closely follow the EPA's Lead Safe Work Practices. I will leave your home cleaner than I found it, so you will not need to worry.


I have received training in energy efficiency at numerous trade seminars and through the ENERGY STAR Program. I have received training in green building construction through the U.S. Green Building Council, in their workshops and other training.



I regularly teach classes on how to live and build green, and on effective strategies to reduce home energy costs.



I am a Licensed Construction Supervisor (builder), a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders), and the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council, and I am a PATH Partner (Partnership For Advanced Technology in Housing), and a Builder's Challenge Builder. I was also among the first to qualify as a Green Home Verifier for the NAHB's Green Building Program!  I am therefore well qualified to serve your interests in Design & Energy Efficient construction.


And by the way, we drive a Green Prius!



Customer Testimonials


I significantly upgraded the energy efficiency and appearance of a home on the water in Kittery Point, Maine. You will find pictures of the home on our "Picture Gallery" tab to the left. Except for the attic which had a small amount, there was no insulation in the home. We spray foamed the band joists and the stone foundation. I installed cellulose in the walls and attic. And I enclosed the entire home with insulating sheathing and then installed new trim and siding to unify the hodgpodge of trim details and materials into one style that would restore the home to its original style. In addition, I used PVC trim in order to leave the home's owner with little if any maintenance to attend to for many years to come. You can see the result in the picture gallery tab to the left, as well as a case study you can access through the Case Studies tab, also to the left. 

Here are some of the homeowner's comments:


"The heat doesn't come on nearly as much as before. It's nice to see a craftsman who takes pride in his work. If you would ever like to use me for a recommendation, please feel free to do so. Excellent job; well done."

Martha, Kittery Point, Maine



In a home in South Berwick, Maine, I spray foamed the band joists, air sealed all of the attic penetrations, vents, wires, recessed lighting, and ductwork for their new Heat Recovery Ventilator. I then added cellulose insulation in the attic to bring the R-value up to between R-60 and R-70. I also mounded the insulation up over any ductwork and the recessed lighting units.

When I was done, the homeowners had this to say:


"Thanks again, it's great to work with a true professional from start to finish. We have noticed a big difference particularly on the floors. We were also very impressed with the work around the chimney chase and the thoroughness of pulling the can lights and wire penetrations for caulking and foaming. It's made the whole house hold the heat much longer into the evening.It looks like we will save about 1 ton of pellets (25%) this year so it's already paying for itself!"

Jeff & Dawn, South Berwick, Maine



I Insulated a 3 story, 5400 square foot, two unit home in Lewiston, Maine in the fall of 2008. In the winter of 2007/2008, they used 2365 gallons of heating oil to keep their home barely warm enough to be tolerable! Marcello told me he would go in to work early just so he could get warm! The winter of 2008/2009 they would have been looking at a heating bill of several thousand dollars. Here is his April, 2009 email telling me the results, after I insulated their home:

How are you, just wanted to let you know. 600 gallons of oil this year. 2365 last year. we used 4.5 tons of wood pellets, that only cost us $1200, so it is really paying off. Thanks again for the wonderful work."
Marcello, Lewiston, Maine



"Ron - Thank you so much for all your hard work building our "new", superinsulated home here in Mattapoisett. This February was an unusually cold month. Our electric bill finally came to just over $100! . . . If anyone can build a green and energy efficient home, Ron can!"

(See "The Mattapoisett Cottage" in our"Case Studies", and in our "Gallery" in the menu to the left)

- Jack & Chris, Mattapoissett, MA



"Ron - Our three story addition, door, & trim look great!"

(See the pictures of this project in our "Gallery" in the menu to the left)

(They are the beige home pictures in the slide show starting with the front of the home)

- Dave & Nancy, Lexington, MA



"Sean - Thanks for suggesting Ron, as he did a great job and was cooperative and professional. Again, Thank you Sean."

- Heather, York, ME



"Ron - Thanks for helping us choose the type of French Doors to put in our home. This one is much better, especially for energy savings. Also, thanks for the fast work opening the "big hole" in our living room and quickly installing our door and then finishing it off. We love the door and the new deck too! Great work. We would recommend you to anyone."

- Bill & Arlene, Eliot, ME



"Ron, thanks for the invoice. The window looks great! Thanks for a job well done!"
- Kim & Bob, Wells, ME



"Ron, Thanks for fitting us in, and getting our job done so quickly! We'll look forward to you doing some more work in the spring."

Mike & Rena, Cape Neddick, ME



"Hi Ron - Thanks - I will get that check right out to the insured. It was a pleasure working with you. - Thanks again"
John - Sr. Claims Specialist



My Service Guarantee to you
I will stand behind all my work, and will work very hard to make it right, period.


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I will respond within 24 hours.

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