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Very High Performance Windows
HEAT MIRROR Superglass Quad
If you ever shied away from cold windows in the winter or hot windows in the summer, you've experienced the negative impact glass can have on your comfort. Yet, that need not be. We can install windows in your home that rival the energy performance of standard energy efficent walls! We can achieve R-values of R-10 or higher, up to R-20, and summer shading that can reduce summer heat gain over 70% compared with clear, single pane glass!

Alpen Windows is your source of high quality, energy efficient windows in a variety of frame materials. Each Alpen window uses Heat Mirror, a low-emissivity, coated film suspended inside an insulating glass unit. A range of Heat Mirror products can reduce heat from the sun and increase window insulation. The two airspaces created by the suspended the film further increase the window's R-value.

All Heat Mirror products can be used with virtually any type of glass - clear, heat absorbing, reflective, heat-strengthened, tempered, laminated - to achieve superior performance in a wide range of aesthetics.
Vinyl Windows

Alpen searched the world to find the highest quality vinyl stock, then engineered windows built to last as long as your home. Alpen vinyl's chemical composition provides industry-leading resistance to degradation due to brittleness, discoloration through UV exposure, warpage, expansion and contraction.
Most new and replacement windows sold in Colorado are designed and manufactured for national markets, not for Colorado "desert" summers, "arctic" winters, high winds and intense UV radiation. Alpen, in contrast, has engineered a window truly equipped for decades of maintenance-free, high-performance operation here in the Rocky Mountains. As an added bonus, our heavily engineered frames give us the flexibility to manufacture large windows, well beyond the capabilities of our Colorado competitors.


Fiberglass Windows
Fiberglass frames are designed to take advantage of the material's inherent strength, permitting low profile windows with greater viewing area. With a thermal conductivity that is 1/5000th of aluminum, fiberglass provides superior comfort and insulation. Because the frames are 60% glass, the entire unit has good dimensional stability, resulting in less wear and tear on the seals. Fiberglass is available in a range of colors, and can even have different interior and exterior colors.

Wood Windows
Through a unique OEM relationship with All Weather Windows ( in Edmonton, Alberta, Alpen offers a complete window and door line of aluminum-clad wood windows. Alpenglass glazing and other final manufac-turing operations take place in Alpen’s Boulder facility. Efficient high-volume Canadian frame and sash production, linked with Alpen’s Rocky Mountain regional presence and glass expertise, combine to provide customers through the United States with the industry’s highest performance clad-wood window.
How Heat Mirror Works:

1. External radiated heat is reflected.
2. Direct heat from the sun is reduced.
3. Internal radiated heat is reflected.

Introduced in 1990, the Superglass System has become the most energy-efficient glazing product on the market. A U-value of 0.050 (R-Value of 14.3) can be achieved by using two Heat Mirror films permanently suspended between two lites of clear glass and filling the air cavity with Krypton gas.

Superglass Quad exceeds the energy savings and year round comfort of any glass on the market. It performs so well, that Superglass Quad rivals the energy performance of walls. Superglass Quad is truly the product for consumers seeking the highest total performance, comfort, and cutting edge technology.

Superglass Quad is manufactured with two LowE coated suspended films to create a "Quad" pane with three cavities that are filled with krypton gas for superior thermal efficiency. This creates a superior "Quad" pane unit that has the same nominal weight of a double pane unit, saving wear and tear on expensive window hardware.

General Benefits
If you ever shied away from cold windows in the winter or hot windows in the summer, you've experienced the negative impact glass can have on your comfort. No glass will match Superglass Quad's combination of winter insulation with R-values of 10 or higher, and summer shading that can reduce summer heat gain over 70% compared with clear, single pane glass. Not only will Superglass Quad increase your comfort, it will give you back areas of your home that you annually abandon as the seasons change. And while it does this, Superglass Quad will be saving you energy every day of the year. Superglass Quad is truly super glass!


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