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Remodeling Your Home
Remodeling Your Home Can Be A Much Bigger Energy Solution
Our Remodeling process is much like our building process mentioned in our "Design Building Process" page; (see the menu to the left). The difference, depending on your particular project, is that the scope of your project will be different.
  • The details are much the same, except that in a remodeling project, instead of just building "from the ground up", so to speak, we have to first "tear down" what has been built previously before we can build up again. That means:
1. That there is extra work involved in a remodeling project,
2. That there are extra precautions for us to take to keep other areas of your home and its contents protected, particularly if you, your pets, or others are still living in the home during the process, and,
3. There will be certain "unknowns" that cannot be discovered until work begins, and walls, ceilings, and floors, or other areas are opened up to reveal those "unknowns".
  • That being said, after having met with you, and having worked through your needs and the design process, we are now in a position to present a Proposal to start the remodeling of your home.


  • We present you with a detailed Contract. This is generally a fixed price Contract, so that you know exactly what the project will cost you, barring any changes or additions.
NOTE: If, as the project progresses, there are any changes or additions that you would like to make, it is important that you bring these up as soon as possible, so you can avoid unnecessary costs. We will discuss the changes or additions with you, and prepare a Change Order or Additional Work Order for your approval. These forms are additions to the original Contract. They will include information showing the original Contract price, any prior Changes or Additions, the added costs involved, the change in work and materials, payments made thus far, and the remaining amount that will be due according to the payment schedule outlined in the original Contract.
  • After all parties sign the Contract, and we get the initial payment to begin, we then present the Contract and accompanying prints to the appropriate jurisdictions for approval and permits. When permits are obtained, we can begin the actual construction process itself. This is an exciting time, for you as the new homeowner, as well as for us!


  • Depending on scope of your particular project, any or all of the following may apply, with the added caveat that additional work will need to be done as noted above in the second paragraph, to prepare for the actual building up of your project.
  • If the scope of your project includes it, we prepare the site and begin the excavation. Next comes the foundation work. Then work on the structure of your home begins. Soon the shell of the home is up, and the roof is on to provide protection for everything below. Doors and windows can go in at this time, and the building can now be secured. All this work proceeds more rapidly than other phases of the project.
  • If there are no municipal water and sewer facilities, the work to provide these onsite proceeds during this time.


  • Next come rough-ins for heating, ventilation, plumbing, and electrical systems, in that order.
  • Now we are in a position to start interior work. This is when the work moves along more slowly than thus far, as this work is more time consuming and requires more careful attention to details.
  • Wall surfaces are done at this time. Then follows trim, cabinetwork and counters, flooring, plumbing fixtures, finish electrical, and other details. Finally, we do a walk through with you to prepare a final "punch list", or list of details that always need attention near the close of a project.


  • At last, or so it will seem to you at the time is move in day! Then, you can begin to enjoy the fruits of all your, (and our) hard work.


  • We will, depending on the scope of your project, provide you with, and review with you a "manual" for your home much like that provided with a new car, or other product you might buy. In this manual will be instructions for all the new added systems in your new home, including how to most effectively operate them, required or suggested maintenance schedules, what to do if something goes wrong, and a list of manufacturer supplied items, their warranties, phone contacts, and any other details particular to your new home.



Congratulations on your "new" home!




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This page was last modified on April 06, 2012
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