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Passive House Windows The Most Efficient Windows in the World
These are Schuco Windows, some of the most Efficient Windows

Passive House Fenestration Products

EAS provides a complete offering of European-made products targeting the Passive House building community.

These products represent the ultimate peak in energy performance, significantly exceeding even the most recent Energy Star and LEED guidelines. With triple-pane glass U-values as low as 0.07 BTU/(hr-sf-F) and frame U-values of 0.13 BTU/(hr-sf-F) we provide the highest efficiency fenestration products in the US.

Best Passive House Glass in the Industry

Passive House projects require windows with a unique combination of low U-values and high SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient). It is difficult to manufacture insulated glass assemblies that are both low in thermal transfer and high in solar heat gain. Our CLIMATOP MAX glass offers a U-value of 0.088 BTU/(hr-sf-F) and SHGC of 0.60, by far the best Passive House combination in the industry.

Passive House Glass Selection

Glass TypeUgSHGCVTR-Value
CLIMATOP ONE0.0880.400.58R-11
CLIMATOP ONE /w Krypton0.0700.400.58R-14
CLIMATOP ULTRA N0.1050.500.71R-10
CLIMATOP ULTRA N /w Krypton0.0880.500.71R-11
CLIMATOP MAX0.1050.600.74R-10
CLIMATOP MAX /w Krypton0.0880.600.74R-11
CLIMATOP LUX0.1230.620.73R-8
CLIMATOP LUX /w Krypton0.1050.620.73R-10
NOTE: Listed insulated glass options are "all glass" assemblies. Due to warranty concerns we do not use suspended film assemblies. The middle pane is always made of glass.


Schuco SI82+ U-PVC Tilt-Turn Windows and Doors

Schuco was one of the first PVC manufacturers to secure the Passivhaus certification. Most PVC windows require steel reinforcement members for larger sizes. These steel members are responsible for significant thermal bridging inside the frame.

The SI82+ profile extrusions include vertical aluminum stiffeners, minimizing thermal bridging and providing for superior frame U-values of U(frame)=0.156 BTU/(hr-sf-F) (SI82+ profile) and U(frame)=0.132 BTU/(hr-sf-F) (SI82+PHI profile).

Download Schuco PVC Windows Catalog (4.2MB PDF)

Download Schuco SI82+ PHI Certificate

Key Features of Schuco Tilt-Turn Windows:

  • Profile depth of 82mm.
  • 8-chamber profile system with excellent insulation properties.
  • Available in a variety of simulated wood and solid color finishes.
  • The one-handle operation allows windows to tilt in for safe and secure ventilation, or turn in or easy cleaning.
  • Multi-point locking hardware for excellent air tightness and burglar resistance.
  • Easy installation and smooth operation due to fully adjustable sash hardware.
  • Superior sash strength suitable for heavy glass assemblies in extra large openings.
  • A selection of handle/hinge styles and finishes.
  • Consistent sash profiles for both windows and patio doors providing for unified architectural sightlines.
  • Full range of triple pane glazing options up to 1.73in thick.
  • Insect screens mounted on the exterior.
  • Custom sizes and custom designs, including curved profiles and true French casements.
  • Extra large sash sizes.
  • Schuco window profiles and hardware are made of 100% recyclable components.




Makrowin 88G2 Passive House Wood Windows and Doors

As the most recent addition to our Passive House fenestration offering, the 88G2 window represents the state-of the art in engineered wood frame technology. This window was recently certified at the Darmstadt Passivhaus Institute achieving U(frame)=0.75 W/(m2K) [U=0.13 BTU/(hr-sf-F)].

At 88mm thick, this window technology represents the thinest PHI-certified wood window design.

The windows are manufactured with factory applied finish available in more than 20 stain colors.

Makrowin Website

Download Makrowin 88G2 PHI Certificate

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