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Energy Efficient Home Design and Remodeling in Southern Maine and New Hampshire
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When we design a home for you, whether it is remodeling your existing home, or building your new home, our focus is on creating a home that meets and exceeds your expectations. In addition to the first priority of making your home a beautiful and comfortable place to live, we focus on the following Four Priorities:


1. We place a high priority on energy efficiency, durability, and low maintenance.


Over the life of a typical home, the costs to maintain and operate it far exceed the cost to build it. Therefore, it is cost effective to design it so that these costs are reduced.

  • We can easily design your home to use less than half the energy the typical home requires
  • We can go further and design your home to use less than one quarter of the energy the typical home requires.
  • If you like, we can even design a Passive Home or a Net Zero Energy Home for you, that is a home that uses less energy than it produces! The choice is yours!


2. We also design your home to be a healthy place to live.


We all hear so much about the "sick building syndrome" that has become so prevalent since tight homes became so popular. So we design your home using materials that reduce pollutants to begin with, and then we use systems that work to remove any pollutants that would otherwise accumulate in a tight, energy efficient home.


3. We design and build with an emphasis on protecting the environment.


We design and remodel or build homes to be environmentally friendly; easy on you and your family, and easy on the environment.



4. And finally, Lower Building Costs can equal Savings For You.


You might conclude that this type of home would cost more to build, but in fact, it can be just the opposite. For example, because we design and build it to require far less energy, it needs a much smaller heating unit. And if you opt for a Passive Home Design, it may need no heating or cooling system at all!  Energy Efficient financing options, andfederally funded incentives add up to even more savings!





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