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Heat Mirror Insulating Glass

Heat Mirror Insulating Glass
Heat Mirror® insulating glass incorporating Heat Mirror films coated by Southwall Technologies was the world's first commercially produced low-e glass. Since 1980, Heat Mirror insulating glass has been used around the world in structures ranging from single family homes to high profile projects for Fortune 500 companies.

Southwall manufactures 12 different coated films which are suspended by
licensed fabricators in the middle of insulating glass unit in a triple pane
configuration, creating industry leading performance.

Heat Mirror units are produced with a wide range of glass products including clear glass, tinted glass and low-e glass, taking advantage of the benefits of film based coatings and glass based technologies to create superior insulating performance, outstanding solar control, while at the same time blocking UV radiation, and reducing outside noise more effectively than double pane glass.

Heat Mirror technology is based upon a very thin coating which reflects heat back to its source. The 12 different films provide varying levels of visible light and solar control to meet the diverse requirements of the commercial market place. The product designations loosely represent the amount of light transmitted through the coated film. Hence, Heat Mirror 77 will transmit more light than a Heat Mirror 22 product.

Because Heat Mirror units are available in a wide variety of films with diverse glass products, the performance needed for almost any project can be realized, making Heat Mirror an ideal choice for almost every application.

Heat Mirror® Plus
Heat Mirror Plus Insulating Glass substitutes one lite of low-emissivity coated glass or tinted glass for the uncoated glass used in the standard Heat Mirror unit. With an optional Argon or Krypton gas filling, Heat Mirror Plus can achieve a U-value of 0.10 (R-value of 10).

Superglass® Quad
Superglass Quad Insulating Glass is the most energy-efficient glazing product on the market today. It uses two Heat Mirror films suspended inside an insulating glass unit, creating three air spaces. Featuring a patented tape system for gas retention and a thermally broken, insolating spacer to stop conduction through the edge of the glass, Superglass Quad can achieve an industry-leading U-value of 0.08 (R-value of 12.5).
(Center of glass U-value of .05 or R-20 is now available, See the Alpen Window page.)

Superior insulating performance reduces energy costs and enhances comfort
Superior solar shading reduces expensive cooling costs
UV protection helps reduce fading
Noise reduction reduces noise pollution
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