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EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm and Renovator
What is a Certified Lead Safe Firm and Renovator?
A Certified Lead Safe Renovator is one who has received training so that he or she can work safely in a home that has lead paint. This training is sponsored by the EPA, and is provided by trainers specifically approved by the EPA to do so. In addition, a Certified Lead Safe Firm is one that is Certified by the EPA to be qualified to Work Safely with Lead.
I am both a Certified Lead Safe Renovator and a Certified Lead Safe Firm.
Why do you need to hire a Certified Lead Safe Firm and Renovator?
Starting April 22, 2010, no one is able to legally work for compensation on any home built before 1978 unless they accomplish all of the following:
  1. Received the training to Work Safely with Lead,
  2. Passed the test and been Certified as a Lead Safe Renovator,
  3. Registered with the EPA as a Certified Lead Safe Firm, and,
  4. Fulfill all of the requirements and work practices prescribed by the EPA.
  5. Unless anyone has done all of the above, and they are found to be working on a pre 1978 home, they could receive fines up to $37,500 per day per occurrence, be criminally prosecuted, and even serve jail time!



Why should you hire me to work on your home?
I am both a Certified Lead Safe Renovator and a Certified Lead Safe Firm. If you own a home that was built before 1978, lead paint is a concern, especially for the little ones, or mothers expecting a child.
As a Certified Renovator and Firm, I have received training so that I can safely work in homes built before 1978 that are likely to have lead paint in them. You will not need to worry about lead dust from my work contaminating your home, as I will closely follow the EPA's Lead Safe Work Practices. I completely isolate the work area from the rest of your home to prevent any dust from migrating to other areas of your home. I also provide walk off mats, so I do not track anything from the work space to other areas of your home.
In the area where I work, your home will be cleaner when I leave, than it was when I arrived. This is no reflection on your housekeeping. It simply means that not only will I thoroughly HEPA vacumm the entire work space, but it will also be washed and wiped clean as well. What a refreshing change that will be, to not have to clean up after workers in your home! In addition, in the areas I have worked, you can be assured that lead dust will not be a concern. Peace of mind can be yours when you hire me to complete your project!
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